New Law Proposed To End College Debt


No More Collegiate Debt

Could the next drag on America’s economy come from student loans?According to, America’s student loan debt burden hit $1.56 trillion – more than any other kind of household debt except for mortgages.

Student loans are one of the most pervasive debts. The Department of Education offers assistance programs, but participants who don’t exactly follow loan servicer instructions can rack up unanticipated interest charges or lose debt forgiveness. If you fall behind with payments, you’re stuck dealing with debt collectors – because student loans generally can’t be discharged in bankruptcy.

Help for current and future students may come from Congress, thanks to the recently proposed Debt-Free College Act. The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI), aims to improve state funding for public universities through federal incentives. The proposed bill would set up federal matching dollars for state spending programs…